Wait, I’m Not Ready


The past two days have been cold and rainy. It’s Michigan, I’m hardly surprised by weather of any kind – at any time. But now that the weather is quickly slipping into Autumn, although it’s my favorite season, I find myself wanting to scream “HALT!” I’m not ready. Did summer even happen? I didn’t swim, bbq, camp, or picnic nearly enough to move on already.

Today I tried blaming Starbucks for the weather. Yes, Starbucks. I accused their stupid (yet delicious) pumpkin spice latte of bringing the cold with it. Don’t even act like they aren’t capable of such a thing.

So I have decided I am grabbing this beast called Weather by the horns. Camping doesn’t need sunshine and swimming, just bonfires and hoodies. Watch out REI, I’m coming…

beautiful pictures by people who did take advantage of the summer from http://summergoals.tumblr.com/


  • spoonful

    I’m not ready either.

  • Lauren

    Gosh, I totally agree with this. I live in MI too and I’m definitely not ready for this weather. The sun is peeking out today so I need to get my butt outside before it rains again! Boo. Love your blog idea!


  • Alicia

    I keep thinking the same thing! I also got married this summer and I definitely think the planning and time off required for a wedding caused summer to slip by. I’m already looking forward to next summer with my sole obligation as partaking in every fun summer activity I want!

  • Joan

    I missed our camp trip this year, but your wedding was super fabulous.

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