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I love business cards. I suppose that I could make some sort of connection between an early love of business cards and my professional path to marketing and branding, but that all sounds very boring. The idea that this small card needs to be able to represent you or your business has always fascinated me. I love thinking about what my personal card would look like, not my professional card, but one that just represents ME. Would it be black & white or  have color? Maybe an unexpected pop of florescent. Would I use fancy fonts that curl and twirl or modern fonts that stand tall and strong? What would your card look like?

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  • Gabrilea

    I love business cards too, and at this moment trying to create my own- as I am illustrator. But it soooo hard to find that one. Still searching.

    My card would be definitely with my illustration, bright, colorfull…. or maybe balck/white… Definitely not the simple one. 🙂

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