Year One


Can’t believe it was just a year ago that Bub and I made it official. We decided to pack up the pooch and head north for a nice relaxing camping trip. We didn’t make it more than 24 hours. After arriving at our site in complete darkness, we had to pitch our brand new tent that had the worst instructions of all time. We powered through, I just kept thinking I was on Amazing Race, but instead of winning a million dollars, I would have a place to sleep. Finally we got th tent up, beers cracked, fire roaring, and good ole Misch snoozing in the dirt. Success.

The next morning after I set the 20 year old camp stove on fire, I made up some coffee and scrambled eggs and we hit the road for adventure. The area around the Au Sable River is really beautiful. Not very developed and tons of secret spots to discover and off roading to attempt… we didn’t get very far, our car is not exactly cut out for sandy trails. Since Mischa is still not healed fully from her surgery we were a little limited on what we could do with a gimpy giant dog in tow.

We went back to the campsite to hang around… it was 95 degrees, humid as hell, Mischa was panting like she had just ran a marathon and the radio indicated a wicked storm was rolling in over “all of the mitten.” We admitted failure, packed up and headed home. Two years in a row rain has tried to ruin my weekend. The weekend I picked because it hadn’t rained in over 10 yrs… screw you Farmer’s Almanac.

Back home we spent the rest of the weekend grilling up hotdogs & foil dinners, kayaking, and getting ice cream. It wasn’t at a campground, but it was perfect.

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