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The bub and I are heading to Chicago this weekend. I’m pretty pumped to get away for a minute. Work has been quite stressful lately (hence the blog silence). We’ve rented a cute apartment in Lincoln Park and Saturday night we are going to see Squarepusher, I’m super excited and a little nervous. The show could be a bit intense.  I really wanted to eat at Girl and the Goat but they are booked until the end of November. Bummer! Do you guys have any great restaurant recommendations?

photo: Chicago Subway Sign


  • Jeannie

    i can’t recommend bavette’s bar and boeuf enough!

  • Katie @ Livehalffull

    Longman & Eagle is good! And Hopleaf!

  • Baltina

    For dessert can you can’t miss Molly’s Cupcakes and for coffee you must must go to Intelligentsia

  • Anonymous

    Longman & eagle is delicious! They don’t take reservations, so you have to go early. Ruxbin, West Town Tavern, Coast Sushi (byob), Publican, Avec, Balena

  • Courtney

    All the recommendations above are great. Our current favorites are Au Cheval (no reservations) and Goosefoot (call to see if they’ve any last-minute cancellations). As for Girl and the Goat, we’ve never had a problem getting in if we go at 5 or 5:30. For an excellent breakfast or lunch option, do try Floriole on Webster and Racine. Have fun!

  • claire

    Ah, you guys are awesome! Thank you so much for all these. Longman and Eagle seems to be a pretty popular recommendation, their breakfast looks pretty good. Especially that PBR one 😉

  • Allison

    If you have money to blow- don’t miss Alinea. Awesome awesome tasting menu with food (and experience) you will never forgot. Chicago has the best brunch/breakfast places too…m.henry, meli, the bongo room. Yummm hungry just thinking about it…

  • Hillary

    Lula is one of my favorite restaurants here, always and forever.

    I like Longman but haven’t ever been WHOABLOWNAWAY by their food. Although I HAVE heard brunch is good (never been for that – was there last weekend – I didn’t bob for apples though b/c LOTS OF BEARDS:

    We just ate at Trencherman last night and it was great.

    As a heads up, the only decent bar near Metro is Gingerman. Wrigleyville is hell. Oh, or Sheffield’s is good (but better when it’s warm out).

    Lincoln Park is pretty fratty and there isn’t too much greatness there. But Local Option and Delilah’s are good bars.

    I did a post for Eastside Bride not too long ago. You can check it out here:

  • Elisabeth

    Lula Cafe, hands down. Also, I saw Squarepusher in Chicago about 9 years ago at the Metro when I was in college. It was a great show, but went super late, I don’t think we got out before 3:30 am. 🙂 Have fun!

  • claire

    Ha. Hillary those apple bobbing pictures are awesome.

  • Rachel

    I also love Lula and, if your budget can stand it and you can get a reservation, I’d say go to Blackbird. The Publican is also a great gastro-pub place. Both are top notch. This city has such a great food scene, so I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. I’ve also heard a lot of people find success at Girl and the Goat without reservations if they are willing to eat either very early or very late as well as sit at the bar. Good luck!

  • Melina

    I’ve just found your blog, Claire, it is lovely! And what chance of my stumbling on your Chicago post, as I am a Chicagoan 🙂

    Agreed with the multitudes on Longman & Eagle – Mister and I went straight there after eloping and the staff was the best group of celebrators ever. If the wait is long (it has never been painful for me, and I’ve been there at least three dozen times), Lula’s is just around the corner.

    Publican is a great bet, yes. Also, Hopleaf – best mussels in Chicago, you can eat in the sit-down restaurant (brighter lit, less chaotic) or in the pub (it’s tricky to realize they have both: you enter in the bar portion, but keep walking straight back to get to the restaurant). Andersonville (Hopleaf’s neighborhood) is a great, great neighborhood to spend some time walking around and it’s super easy to get to from Lincoln Park. Lots of shopping, vintage shopping, eating, Swedish Museum and bakeries, etc. Check out Woolly Mammoth on Foster, it is a fantastical shop of curiosities and taxidermy!

    Disagree with going to Delilah’s, unless you love dirty, old dive bars where the patrons are 50-year old punk rockers, heavily alcoholic and angry that the yuppies invaded Belmont & Clark. My freshly 21 year old sister finds it magical, we’ll just put it that way.

    A great bar, however, would be the Whistler – it’s a short walk from Longman/Lula triangle. No sign, but look for a neat window display, instead. There may be a line in front, but don’t be daunted, it moves fast. It’s tiny inside, but very cozy and hip and they’re always playing great music, usually soul. Cocktails are beyond tasty, the ‘we-make-our-own-bitters’ sort, but I’ve never felt any sort of smuggishness from the staff, they’re all bearded, too.

    The Out There suggestion, but I promise is worth it: Lula’s sister restaurant is called Nightwood, it is in Pilsen (south side, but not the scary south side – I lived there for awhile and can attest). I always thought nothing would be better than Longman & Eagle until my meal there a few months ago. It was mindblowingly good, and the atmosphere was fantastic. Simone’s is several blocks away, a pretty good bar that feels like you’re inside of a pinball machine. In the opposite direction is Chinatown, where you can get some pretty mean dim sum, absolutely.

    Hope this helps!

  • Truly Smitten

    I went to The Girl and the Goat after all the hype…(and ridiculous 3 month reservation wait)…went, and totally disappointed. Don’t even bother when there are SO many other great yummier restaurants. Next time you are in Chicago, try: Au Cheval right across from Girl and The Goat, Davanti Enoteca (LOVE this place), GT Fish & Oyster, The Publican, Ruxbin (wait is painful but worth it), Balsan (inside the Waldorf Astoria), and I can keep going on and on! We have so many great eateries here! Just don’t go to Girl and the Goat.

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