My friend Lindsey’s butt broke her phone today. I have a feeling she’s not alone in the ‘butt causing phone destruction’ situation. I too have a cracked screen. But we got to talking… we miss home phones. I think about them a lot. Yes, that’s right, I think about owning a big ole telephone and having a home phone line. Weird, maybe. But hear me out… sometimes cellphones are really annoying. People call or text you all the time and expect an immediate response. Like because I have this communication device with me at most times, I’m supposed to answer at all times. I miss the days of memorizing phone numbers, prank calling, screaming “i’ll get it.” Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPhone and all it’s stupid games, and instagram and alright, a billion other things. But I wouldn’t mind shoving it in a drawer sometimes and having a good long chat on a big chunky cordless (click on that to see a semi related image… of a big hunky man.) Would you?

Illustration by Jeffrey Flores


  • cath

    yes, we have a home line too that we use a lot, but with a cordless phone; we do a lot of the ‘I’ll gett it!” thing!
    come to think of it, I hardly use my cell as I’m a teacher (not allowed at school) and I spend a lot of time at home!

  • Jane

    Agree wouldn’t give up my iPhone but a landline is really nice to have. And how scarey that I don’t have anyone’s number memorized anymore except for my mom’s. I guess that’s not a bad one to know if you only know one.

  • Beth@Motor City on my Mind

    I used to keep my cell phones in my back pocket a lot… after three different phones slipped right into the toilet I had to reconsider my phone-pocket strategy.

    I agree about the home phones! We could compromise and get one of these (http://www.geekalerts.com/retro-phone-handset/)!

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