Five Senses For Friday



It’s finally Spring in Michigan. FINALLY! And it’s Friday. Seriously watch out, I am in a frighteningly good mood. Every Saturday morning the little man and I let the big man sleep in and we go thrifting. I really enjoy this time with him and he is such a good shopper. Then we come home, eat bagels, and plan the rest of our day. Do you have any weekend routines?

Sight: I just order this set of prints for Oskar’s room.

Smell: Does anything smell better than a nice french roast?

Sound: Picked this album up on vinyl last week. It is so good.

Taste: This is my favorite snack ever. I’m not kidding. Go buy a bunch of bags. Right now. After you eat the whole bag, look at the ingredients and you won’t feel bad.

Touch: Hello perfect striped top.

image: Harding Meyer - creates amazing large-scale oil portraits, I would love to see in person… like in my living room.

Dear Oskar // 7 Months


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Everyday there is something new, something different. I can’t always put my finger on it. You’ll wake up in the morning and just have a look about you, like you know more then you did the day before. Your curiosity is strong and movement is quickly advancing, I’m antsy to get things off the floor and out of reach so you can safely explore without hearing “don’t touch that” or “no” too much.

Sight: This boys hair is so long and out of control. I recently found a single strand in the back that is SUPER long. So weird.

Smell: Smell his feet and cringe afterwards and this kid will smile for days. Why do all kids find the stinky foot thing hilarious?

Sound: Oskar’s already trying to mimic his drumming dad. There’s lots of banging on the kitchen table. I have a feeling we are going to be one loud household.

Taste: Loving all things orange: carrots cooked with a squeeze of orange and a pinch of cumin and sweet potatoes.

Touch: A wooden slotted spoon is Oskar’s favorite toy right now. But if given the opportunity he would really like the tv remote or a cell phone.

Five Senses For Friday




This weekend I’m hoping to make an Ikea run (eeeek, Ikea on a weekend!) and pick up a couple cabinets to finish up the kitchen reno. Hurray! Plus start/finish some other projects around the house and sneak in some relaxing too. Everyone had a bit of a cold this week which resulted in lots of nose blowing and  little sleep. Looking forward to warmer days with the help of these beautiful beach paintings. Yes, can you believe that’s a painting?! I love Philip Barlow’s dreamy out of focus feel.

Sight: I need this light. Thanks.

Smell: Sending flowers can be complicated and expensive. I love how this company in SF simplified it and offers beautiful options.

Sound: Kids saying bad words is so funny.

Taste: Speaking of Ikea. I randomly picked up this thing in one of my last trips and it is my favorite! Fancies up your coffee or tea in seconds.

Touch: This sofa is 500 times over my price range, but it looks so cozy and chic. Plus it has the same name as my son. Must be a sign! ;)

Five Senses For Friday



We have a snot nosed, watery eyed, teething, cranky ass baby over here this week. But man is he cute. This weekend will be basketball, all day every day. Do you participate in the March Madness? I make a bracket so I have a reason to watch the games and pick a side, since they’ll be on anyway. Have a great weekend! Go sports!

Sight: Jemima Kirke (Jessa on Girls) is a painter first, actress second.

Smell: Nick’s been using this shampoo. I love the minty smell.

Sound: Warmer weather means I can start listening to this on repeat… as I do every year.

Taste: On the hunt for some yummy meatless recipes, this Cauliflower Marsala looks amazing.

Touch: I would live in this linen jumper when the weather turns warm.


Five Senses For Monday



The past week was a doozy. Cranky baby, crazy job, tons of laundry, filthy house. AH! The constant juggle is little overwhelming sometimes and the things I love most seem to get shoved into the background. Except the baby, don’t worry, he never gets shoved. But this week I have some exciting stuff for you! An awesome giveaway and a new Made Series and hopefully launching the new design before too long. So here’s Friday’s post on a Monday… because that’s how it goes sometimes.

Sight: I think this is a great idea for flights or even a roadtrip. Would you do it?

Smell: Pretty soap.

Sound: First Listen of The War On Drugs.

Taste: Sick of this cold weather? I bet this cocktail will warm you up.

Touch: It’s finally time to buy the weekender bag I’ve so badly needed (hauling a hardcase suitcase around for a weekend trip is no bueno) I can’t decide between this or this. Help!

photograph: William Sonoma and a great juice guide.

Dear Oskar // 6 Months


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You’re already 6 months, you’re only 6 months. This is such a weird age to grasp. Half way to your first birthday, but we were justing meeting you 6 months ago. You’re personality is so developed it’s hard to believe you are a baby, you smile and laugh, you dance and scream, you think its funny when you kick your mama and she says ow, you growl and pretend you’re angry and slam your arms down, you babble nonstop and dada is definitely going to be your first word… you’re my little weirdo, my little Bubbie man.

Sight: Books are already taking over. We may have to jump on the Ribba train.

Smell: Oskar’s skin is so sensitive we can’t use anything with a scent. Right now we are trying this laundry soda and wool dryer balls.

Sound: Happy makes this boy happy.

Taste: We started solids this month. I’ve made pears, sweat peas, avocados, and oatmeal. He is good about taking a bite, most of the food seems to slide back out. Not sure how much is getting down the hatch. We’ve been using recipes from Bebe Gourmet, the purees are basic, but there are some great looking meals for the next steps.

Touch: These teethers are the best.

Five Senses For Friday



This week it was finally above freezing so Oskar and I were able to go for a walk outside. We are getting major cabin fever over here. I know EVERYONE is talking about the weather these days, but seriously, I can’t take it anymore. I need sunshine, birds, breeze, the sweet smell of Spring, open windows… oh open windows, you are my favorite. But I’ll settle for flowers.. or just a pretty picture of flowers. Have a great weekend!

Sight: This kitchen put a halt on my previous plans. Back to the drawing board.

Smell: How smart is this candle idea?

Sound: New St. Vincent album! Look, she went blonde… see what I’m saying.

Taste: We went out to eat last weekend and had an amazing dish of polenta, mushroom ragout, and pork belly. I’m going to try my own version with this recipe.

Touch: I don’t know when I became so obsessed with sneakers. But these are numero uno on my wishlist right now. LOVE THEM! Like that sorta love where I almost didn’t want to share with you because I will get jealous if I see someone else with them.

image: Elle Decoration

Dear Oskar // 5 Months


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Oh littlest Bub, you are a sweet boy. You love stuffed animals, snuggling and munching on them. Your laugh is sounding more like a boy and less like a baby. When you go in your jumper and we play music you stop bouncing between songs and start back up when the new song starts. I swear it’s like you are trying to get on beat with the new song.

But remember how just last month you were sleeping so well and I said I would try to be patient if you took a step back. Wellll, you took a step back and I am really really tired. So if you could go back to sleeping like a champ again soon, that would be really awesome.

Sight: I know “they” say kids shouldn’t watch tv until they are like 2 or something, but he really enjoys a little Sesame Street now and then.

Smell: When we are cooking I like to introduce the ingredients I’m using and give him a whiff.

Sound: Christmas songs are my go to for humming while soothing, I’m not sure why, but now I’m on a mission to switch it up.

Taste: We’re in our last month of exclusively breastfeeding and although I am excited to introduce food I’m also a little sad. Obviously breastfeeding will still be happening so I won’t get all weepy… yet.

Touch: This softest blue elephant is a great snuggle buddy.


Owl’s Brew


51d2e6eff045ccoco-lada-front.jpeg-374 51d315834bc56Coco-Lada-Cocktail

Have you heard of Owl’s Brew? It’s a line of tea mixers crafted for cocktails. They are sweetened with agave. What a great alternative to boring ol’ sugar bomb soda. I really want to try Coco-Lada, it’s a blend of black tea, coconut, chai spices, pineapple juice and agave. Yes please!




Mazama is a beautiful ceramics company created by a group of friends in Portland. These are the kind of vessels that you proudly display on open shelving, but also use everyday. While it’s obvious to use a ceramic coffee mug, I’ve never thought of using one for wine or whiskey and I absolutely love that idea. Meagan gave us a great look into the people and vessels that make up Mazama. Enjoy!


Mazama comprises a diverse group of talented people, how did you decide on ceramics?

We knew we wanted to create a brand centered around pairing crafted beverages with vessels. When we looked for the perfect vessels, we felt there was something missing, so we decided to take on the challenge of producing these vessels ourselves. While glass is a wonderful material for drink ware, we felt it was a bit over saturated in the market and would have been much harder to create a studio making glassware. Ceramics was appealing for it’s versatility and because we felt there were very few brands making the type of vessels we all were looking for. The added bonus is that one of our partner’s sister has a master in ceramics. So you could say it’s in the family and that connection to the craft of ceramics has made building a production studio much less daunting than any other medium. All this being said, Mazama has aspirations for adding other materials to our collection down the road.

How did the group meet?

We’ve all know each other for years through other collaborations, and as friends. Sam Huff and Meghan Wright are married and approached me, Meagan Geer and my husband Tory Cross to to be partners back in 2013. We then added Casey Keasler and Connie Wohn to the team to help round out our areas of expertise. Honestly, we all probably met over a drink at some random bar or event way back when…


Was it important to be an American made company?

We find it very important to make hand crafted goods in the US. This helps our own economy as well as provide jobs to the creative culture here in Portland. Making these objects ourselves, allows us to have much more control over the final designs and pieces. We also chose to start with hand thrown pieces rather than slip cast. Hand thrown wares have a very unique feel in your hands. Making these in house allows us to see each individual piece come to life, giving us better perspective on how to improve the product over time, as well as a growing respect for the art of throwing.

Where does the inspiration for your pieces come from?

Each piece is inspired by the beverage that they were designed for. For instance I enjoy drinking wine out of Spanish wine cups, so our Small Cup is designed with this shape in mind. We also wanted the pieces to stack or nest. We found this was a major oversight in the existing brands out there. So there was a versatility we were striving for as well as a supple finish and minimal quality that would enhance the beverage.


What’s your current favorite beverage?

This is the question we ask anyone who wants to work with us and there is never a wrong answer. Whether is water or whiskey, they are all on our list of favorites. But right now around the shop we’ve been sipping on some hot cocoa for an afternoon cozy pick-me up and ending the day with pinot or whiskey, depending on the day ;)

What do you do outside of Mazama?

We each have many other talents, obligations and jobs. I am personally the mother of two year old twins so that keeps me super busy. Meghan Wright is always cooking up some delicious new recipe. Lately she has been reinventing the art of Ramen. Sam owns and runs Tanner Goods, so that keeps him super busy. They are about to open up a new store in Los Angeles. Tory has a full time job at Nike designing foot ware, Connie is always working on a new rad event to produce and promote and Casey juggles working for Tanner as a designer as well as doing Interior Design jobs for business and residential clients.


What’s next for Mazama?

We’ve got a lot of ideas up our sleeves. We know we want to branch out into other mediums and add more cocktail accessories to our current line. And we are looking forward to creating more events for people to come enjoy our wares with us. We also have some fun collaborations with brands and restaurants that will be a great way to get our product into more peoples hands.

Thanks again for Meagan for giving us a look behind Mazama!

Visit Mazama.

Images courtesy of Mazama. 

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