Yep, Still Pregnant


Being past your due date makes you want to turn off your phone and hide. The questions, the advice, the comments, the inquiries… now I know why sites like this exist. Don’t get me wrong, there are a handful of people who check in and I am so thankful they do. But there are a TON more that just drive you insane. It’s almost comical, in a “I’m going to choke you while laughing” way…. yikes. Are you guys freaked out yet?

So aside from the “little” annoyances, I am still feeling great and having a blast coming up with some super juice concoctions for my newly acquired Juiceman. The one above is my Labor Concoction, made with kale, cucumber, green apple, eggplant & pineapple. How did I go so long without a juicer? This thing is great. Do you have one? What are your favorite combinations?


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