Gimmie My House


Who knew this home buying stuff was so complicated?! It’s consumed my brain & my time. So far we’ve been through an offer (fingers crossed), an acception (woo hoo), the financing process ¬†(sheesh), a half-assed inspection (thanks dude), radon inspection (fail), and now are waiting on well & septic issues (gross). Give me a break! I started to feel like I did when we were getting married, if you mention “wedding” the price doubles, and all of a sudden everyone is telling you what you neeeeeed¬†and it just so happens to cost a fortune.

So in summary: we found a house! waiting on all the dumb stuff so keep those fingers crossed we can get through this mound of paperwork and close. I can’t wait…

Photograph: dreamy door handle


  • shelby h.k.

    congrats on finding a home!! fingers crossed it works out. i can’t wait to stalk photos here, i’m sure it’s beautiful!!

  • Erin

    Congrats on the new home! Did you move in yet? I’m looking forward to seeing some before and after pics. I loved picking out colors and furniture.

  • natalie

    Thanks Erin! Not yet, still going through the closing process. Hopefully in March!

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