The obsession continues… seriously, even 8 months later. I really don’t know what it is about these pseudo ugly wedge sneakers. But I F*ing love them! Now I can get some knock-offs for dirt cheap. HURRAY! Or not… don’t knock-offs make you feel kind of dirty? I think these are far enough away from the original to feel ok about it. I mean, gimmie a break, I love Isabel Marant, but she didn’t invent the wedge sneaker. Girls have been rocking those in the hood for years.

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  • bargain bex

    i feel ya, fellow sneaker sista, i feel ya! i, too, have an odd no-words-really-describe obsession with the wonky wedges and even went on ebay to nab a navy and creamed pair of my own to sport about town. and now seeing these, i think i gotta add one, two or even three more to my ever-growing collection. so you are not alone. oh no. you are NOT alone. ha.

  • joan

    I LOVE these too! I almost ordered a pair, the GoJane knock offs of coarse. I bet they are so curnfy too.

  • emma

    i have been wanting a pair too…..

  • lily

    i have been obsessing over picking a pair of wedge sneakers for months too!! i never thought to look at gojane, i love the ivory/black pair! and how can i not get them for $25? thanks for the tip!! xx

  • shelby h.k.

    these are starting to be EVERYWHERE in Boston…just saw a girl today wearing pair #1. hated them at first, and yet suddenly I’m finding myself attracted to them…! Marc Jacobs has some really fun styles, but I think they’re too trendy to splurge on.

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