Starting Over


Do you ever want to get rid of all of your clothes and start over? I know I’ve talked about closet purging before and I did fill a big box full of clothes to be donated. But I am having a serious love affair with Zara right now, I want everything they have and hate 90% of everything I have. Like to the point where I want to start style blogging, get super popular, and then have Zara supply all my clothes… that works right? Oh, wait, I would need the clothes first, what’s that chicken before the egg thing… Ok, I’ll just stick with saving my monies and ridding my closet of things I don’t love. What store would you trade your closet for?

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  • lily

    i tried that coat on at zara and fell in deep, deep love with it. it’s awesome.

  • jillian m.

    Zara is absolutely one of those stores for me. And I feel the exact same way – so over everything in my closet right now. I love my wardrobe in the summer, but once the cold weather hits, it’s all different variations of black sweaters. So boring.

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