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As part of my 2014 goals, I talked about making my closet match my style. In my head I have a clear view of what things I like, what I value, and what looks good on me. My closet is filled with some great pieces and a lot of cheap one night stand pieces. You know the kind, that top from the mall that was only $22 so you wear it out that night and then never again… not to mention it was probably made to fit a 14 yr old and you are a 30 yr old mom. Yeah, that kind. I have to be somewhat loose with things as I am 4 months postpartum, have boobs for the first time ever, and am breastfeeding and love easy access. So here are the steps:

  1. Define
  2. Purge
  3. Wishlist
  4. Collect

Define is important. Making sure I know what I’m going for. Classic, well made, quality pieces that I will wear today, tomorrow, and a year from now. I referred to my pinterest boards for inspiration and validation. My common themes were neutrals, unexpected details, small pops of color, a balance of clean structured lines with fluid organic touches. Mostly tomboyish with a little feminine flair and all very wearable. This may seem boring to some, but I think it’s a great base and adding flair with a leopard shoe or bright lipstick is right up my alley. Have you defined your style?

image: collage from pinterest


  • shelby h.k.

    such a great idea! i, however, tend to be a bit of a hoarder. i have a 10×10 storage unit where i keep ooooh about half my wardrobe (winter versus summer)…it’s so pathetic! i think, “oh I’ll wear it again..” when really i wear it once a year.

  • Hillary

    This is a really good idea–narrowing in on style and purging and replacing. I like a lot of different looks/styles but I was looking at my style Pinterest board the other day and it’s REALLY consistent but doesn’t look like my wardrobe at all. Once I lose my baby weight and spring comes, it’s time to kick it into gear.

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